System Biological Determination of the Epigenomic Structure – Function Relation

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Globe 3D Genome ViewerWork package 5:

System biological result integration via the GLOBE 3D Genome Platform

In WP5 the complete consortium participants all participants will develop together a systems biological model of genome organization and function by integrating our experimental and theoretic results with existing genome-wide data in the GLOBE 3D Genome Browser – a platform developed by us for the analysis, manipulation and understanding of multi-dimensional complex genome wide data in an easy to understand 3D visualization environment and using our Portable Genome Format (PGF). The entire data will be archived, and all simulations and analysis on high-performance computing infrastructures (e.g. German MediGRID, Dutch Erasmus Computing Grid) will be controlled by a new management system. Together with a novel generic correlation finder and process/pathway data base, this will result in a unique publicly available system biological platform.

Here we show some movies which illustrate the capabilities of the GLOBE 3D Genome Platform:

  • Overview Movie 1 (95 MB) Globe 3D Viewer
  • Overview Movie 2 (200 MB) Globe 3D Viewer
  • Overview Movie 3 (221 MB) Globe 3D Viewer
  • Gene Duplication Movie (15 MB) Globe 3D Viewer
  • DNA Clone Movie (119 MB) Globe 3D Viewer
  • DNA FISH/Duplication Movie (16 MB )Globe 3D Viewer



  • T.A. Knoch/F. Grosveld
  • P. Cook
  • K. Rippe
  • G. Längst
  • G. Wedemann